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The 2014 Polish Scholarship Festival will be held June 20, 21, 22 in Syracuse’s Clinton Square.
This year marks the 60th Syracuse Polish Festival.   Throughout the history of the Polish Scholarship Fund, Inc., we have had great success in providing scholarships to talented students.  A huge part of this success is due to our sponsors, our donors, our political representatives, along with the media and our visitors.  Without this support, we would not be able to enjoy such great success.  For the past sixty years many dedicated volunteers have devoted their time to keep the Polish heritage and culture at the forefront of the Syracuse community.  The 60th annual festival is dedicated to all those who created, participated and strengthened the festival, giving it its continued popularity and current prestige.
This year, the Polish Festival has the honor of hosting Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra, along with Romanowski Brothers, the Salt City Brass,  John Gora & Gorale, and Melody Lane.  On June 20th and 21st, 2014, starting at 8 pm, the Polish Festival will feature rock and pop music.  Great bands, including the Noisy Boys, and the young and talented pop star Ewa Angeli, who will add unique flair to the festival.  As part of the performances this year, we will host the choir, Voices of Faith, who will honor the “Pole of the Year” award winner with their performance.  For connoisseurs of classical music, we invite you to a performance by Leigh Parry-Benedict, who will play works of Chopin at noon on Saturday.  The variety of music presented at the festival is to acknowledge our diverse audience and encourage your support of our annual mission, which is, after all, to award scholarships to talented students and to help in their growth and achievement of their academic goals.
We thank you all for supporting and joining us at this year’s Polish Festival and look forward to seeing you there!


 OkocimwelchallynTJSheehan Thank you to our sponsors, including  Welch Allyn , Inc., TJ  Sheehan Distributing, Okocim ,Charles F. Hollis (Holocinski) and Syracuse Polish Home who are a great part of the festival as a whole.

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