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Picture of  Senator John A. DeFrancisco  with Scholarship Recipients – June, 2014.

Click to hear the Big Mike Sunny 102 interview with Nancy Cummings from June 2014

Special thanks in 2014 to:
– Senator John A. DeFrancisco for his support.
– Mayor Stephanie Miner for her support.
 -For the past sixty years many dedicated volunteers have devoted their time to keep the Polish heritage and culture at the forefront of the Syracuse community. Big THANK YOU for that!
– The employees of City of Syracuse Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs for their professionalism and cordiality.

 OkocimwelchallynTJSheehan Thank you to our 2014 sponsors, including  Basilica of the Sacred Heart Syracuse,Welch Allyn , Inc., TJ  Sheehan Distributing, Okocim ,Charles F. Hollis (Holocinski) and Syracuse Polish Home  who are a great part of the festival as a whole.


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